Old school glamour returns to Oxford Street with The Cats Meow

From the highs of Broadway to the lows of winning the Razzies, a cats life is not always pawfectly predictable but these canny felines have a way of clawing to the top and landing on their feet in a way which you have to admire.

The Cats Meow on Oxford street is something to behold. We could say its the ‘The cats whiskers”, however in 1920’s ‘The Cats Meow’ meant something splendid and stylish. Its very fitting that the former Embers Bar has been reimagined into something which lives up to that.

Butchers Table – perfect for cured meats & cheeses

Thanks to designers Henderson & Co this bar is a glamazon. You cant miss the main room long marble bar with its chain mail circular light installation which screams Moet. A perfect row of bar stools are lined up like soldiers, resplendent in their teal green velvets and shiny burnished gold. Huge arched windows throw light into the bar, heavy drapes and banquette lights mean what ever time of day you are in a roaring 20’s time warp.

stunning golden bar stools

Another space just off to the side is called The Butchers Library. It’s a place you can imagine gangsters holding a poker night surrounded by books, but quiet frankly most of the cabinets showcase a different kind of entertainment – stylish bottles of booze!

Hidden around another corner is the intimate and sumptuous Chamapagne Room, elegantly decorated with teal fabrics, peacock coloured marble tables and wrap around banquette seating. It’s perfect for those who wish to be swept away from reality and prying eyes – even lockers are provided to ensure what goes on in ‘Champagne’ stays there.

The Champagne Room – perfect for private gatherings

The main room is where the fun is happening; the waiter is searing a Tin Pan Alley cocktail as he creates a sugar snow storm which explodes like NYE fireworks as it hits the flames from the burner and caramalises the peach foam. Chicago’s Amnesia is being ordered at a rate of knots (perhaps they forgot how many they’ve had?) It’s a delicious mix of bacardi Carta Bianca Rum, St Germain mixed with lemon and angastora bitters. It is served in a stunning black wide rimmed champagne glass a stark contrast to the froth decorated with flowers.

The bar menu is fun, starting with playful plates decorated with different paintings of parrots. Just keep an eye out to see if you ever get the ‘lion’ plate – its the bars secret sign of welcoming VIPs! We start with perfect pairing of micro vegetables and hummus foam with dried black olive, its so good we are literally scooping every last morsel. Next up is a showgirl of tiger prawns draped seductively over a martini glass filled with dippable dressing. The duck parfait is piped into tiny pastry cases and served in a row, just add a few oysters and your are ready for the main event – truffle croque monsieur. Its golden oozy, yep, its tasty as hell. Forget any manners, just grab with two hands and eat the old fashioned way.

As Sydney lock up laws get unlocked, The Cats Meow is paused (pawsed?) to pounce with a range of Gatsby evenings, artists, music and an element of surprise to keep punters coming back for. So grab your gal or guy and settle in for a roaring time.

The Cats Meow, 52 Oxford Street, Sydney
Hours: Mon-Thurs 5pm-12pm, Fri 3pm-12am, Sat 5pm-12am, Sun 5pm-10pm

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