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Some of us are obsessed with food, eager to taste everything that comes our way. Lucy Folk seems to have taken that to a completely new level. Having used corn chips and pasta as inspiration for past jewellery collections, her new range pays tribute to spices.

Crocheted bracelets, the colours of turmeric and saffron, are interwoven with moonstone chips that resemble salt flakes. Earrings and pendants shaped like peppercorns and cloves are rendered in sterling silver and rose gold. Looped neck chains invoke the hues of India’s Holi celebrations, where coloured powders are flung into the air and over passers-by.

But while the inspiration is traditional, the pieces in the Spices collection have a contemporary feel that means they can be worn every day or as statement pieces. In fact, you might say they’d spice up any outfit.

Lucy Folk
1a Crossley Street, Melbourne 3000
T: 03 9663 6829

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