Fitzroy’s newest yoga studio is nirvana.

Good vibesWe’ve all done yoga at some point in our lives – whether it was accompanying your fit friend in the hopes some of that motivation would transfer, or it might be something you do to break up your regular workouts. It might even be part of your daily life. Whatever your relationship with yoga is, we all know the importance of finding a good yoga studio, and we think we may have just found every yogi’s (dabbler or devotee) nirvana.

The Good Vibes studio sits on a quiet corner of Easey Street in Fitzroy, its high ceilings and minimalist branding immediately tell you that this is a modern, forward-thinking group. The light-filled studio is always set to a perfect 23 degrees and everything from the subtle aroma of earthy essential oils and the stunning botanical displays to the generally calm and welcoming atmosphere immediately puts you in the right head space for a meaningful practice.

goodvibe receptionIf you’re anything like us, you’ll take a moment to check out the rock garden and the stunning charcoal stone staircase before you walk upstairs to the main studio. The studio features lots of windows, it can comfortably fit around 30 yogis, yet it somehow still feels intimate.

Good Vibes’ gorgeous attention to detail is everything. Meticulously laid out latex-free mats are neatly lined up with all the normal yoga equipment ready for use if needed, each mat even features a little card with an affirmative ‘yes’ on it. Even at an advanced class, the instructions are simple, and modifications and playful curiosity are encouraged. A beginner could attend and not feel overwhelmed, and experienced yogi would get a fulfilling practice.

As yoga progresses and grows with us as a society, it would easy for it to lose what it’s truly about. That’s where Good Vibes come in – they take all the best parts of yoga and serve it to you on a modern, beautifully designed platter. So whether you’re looking to learn more about what everyone is talking about, you’re a habitual yogi, or you’re somewhere in between – Good Vibes promises joy and mindfulness, in a modern and beautiful space. Namaste.

Good Vibes Yoga 
62 Easey St, Collingwood Melbourne 3066
0422 306 224


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