Green Chemistry – NueBar raises the ‘bar’ with a new kind of skin care range to look after you & the planet

We love a good invention, especially if its by women. Did you know the Monopoly Board, rectractable dog leash, bullet proof vests, space rocket propulsion system, caller ID & call-waiting (mmm not so sure we love that one) and even stem cell isolation were a result of the brilliance of female brains?

When we hear that a top naturopath and branding expert join forces to create a better planet and products for our bodies, we are listening. ‘NueBar’ has been a labour of love and hands for co-founders Katie Hennah and Kerry Wood (branding and typography nerd!).

‘NueBar’ range includes exfoliant (using the grounds from their local coffee shop!)

It wasn’t until we met them in person that we got an education. Words like SLS, SLES, parabens, silicones, petroleum by-products or artificial fragrances are not things we look for when we buy a shampoo. Katie shares that our skin is slightly acidic. On the scale of 0-14 our skin is around 5-6, hair is around 4, yet most products we use are alkaline. So if you have ever used a shampoo bar and found your hair looks like Edward Scissorhands thats why, it really upsets the hairshaft!

The body and face collection

Using the best of green chemistry, they created a non soap product in a bar format which had not been produced before. Their search took them all over the world. In the end, like most women, they decided if you want it done well – do it yourself! They built their own factory in NSW and hand produce and source everything. Its palm oil free, handmade, vegan, cruelty free, contain no SLS, SLES, and are of course plastic free.

So whats it like? We took a few of their products for a romp test in the shower! We’ve used bar shampoo’s and soaps before but these were a joy. First the packaging is gorgeous, hand printed and produced. We lathered up with shampoo , it easily frothed up and provided a creamy lather which also washed out easily, next up the conditioner which did the same, and didnt need 2 minutes of massaging to try and get it going! We even did a second round as we enjoyed the first so much. Next the orange and cacao body wash.  Storage problems of mushy bars or sticky metal boxes are banished with a bits n bar bag! We simply popped each bar into its specially labeled string bag and we are all eco baby!

So cute! take me somewhere now…

So with no palm oil, 80 washes per bar, no nasties, ingredients found in nature, no plastic packaging, female founded and NSW based there is a lot to celebrate about two women, wanting to help our bodies and change the world. They proudly support Ocean Cleanups and all deliveries are carbon neutral. So you dont need to burn your bra, just put it to one side while you have a bath!

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