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Not only do food and film go together like Bonnie and Clyde, but your experience of one seems to directly correspond to your experience of the other. Even something starring Madonna can be bearable when it’s accompanied by a box of buttery popcorn, and if you watch it while lapsing into a pizza coma it might even appear to have moments of deep profoundness.  For a more sophisticated twist on this truth, check out one of these food/film combos. 

Secret Supper Cinema

Put an avant-garde spin on the affair at Secret Supper Cinema. The 23 June launch event will see atmospheric, cinematic and gastronomic decadence collide over a three-course French themed meal, washed down with Absinthe Salon libations as you watch Baz Luhrman’s bohemian classic Moulin Rouge. Details of the venue will be revealed on the day, leading to an elegant mystery location to match the extravagant fare prepared by Michelin Star-trained chef Tim Noye.

Peroni Cinema

Take your European sojourn further south at Mezzaluna Ristorante Italiano, which is this year playing host to the popular Cinema Peroni. Over six Tuesday nights commencing on the 12 June Mezzaluna will match Peroni drinks and Italian fare with spectacular Italian films that might just prove even more beautiful to look at than their shimmering city skyline backdrop. All flicks are specially selected from the Lavazza Italian Film Festivals over the past two years, while dinner features equally sumptuous small-plates followed by homemade tortellini, veal involtino and semifreddo dessert.

Event Cinemas Gold Class

And if you like to enjoy cinematic refinement from the comfort of a reclining chair then there’s always Event Cinemas’ Gold Class luxury lounge. Kick back in the intimate setting and enjoy full waiter service plus a brand new food and beverage menu, giving you license to swap the popcorn and coke for gorgonzola and fig arancini balls washed down with a burnt orange cosmo. Who said mainstream had to be downmarket?

For a chance to win one of 5 double passes to see TAKE THIS WALTZ – a funny, bittersweet and heart-wrenching story about a woman struggling to choose between two different types of love (in Sydney cinemas 14 June) starring Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen, post a comment about cinema and dining experiences on this page.

Winners will be notified on their FB post on Monday 21 Jun 12. Good luck.

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