ETERNITYLAND, a new large-scale immersive theatre experience, in the heart of Sydney’s CBD

Escape reality with a completely immersive experience

Is it a play, a destination, a bar, a circus, art gallery or musical performance? ETERNITYLAND is all of these things  – and so much more. It’s also a solid welcome back Sydney with outstanding creativity and good old fashioned fun. 

ETERNITYLAND, a multi-room, pop up destination that invites the audience into a fantastical world where the lines between spectator and participant are blurred. This immersive and interactive  experience combines large-scale surreal set design, with theatrical storytelling, circus performance,  art and live music. Made for a contemporary audience looking for a kick of escapism, The Streets of  Barangaroo will house the 1000m2 interactive experience from August.  

These types of immersive experiences are also popping up in London and New York – heralding a new age of theatre entertainment. 

Choose your own adventure and find some of the bars

Designed as a ‘choose-your-own-journey’, participants enter ETERNITYLAND in small groups,  following their curiosity as they travel through each room, encountering wacky characters and  activities based on the myths and legends of heroes and heroism. There are monsters to battle,  costumes to make, secret bars to find, temptations to avoid (or indulge in) and general chaos to  navigate through, forming a parallel universe of all things wondrous and unexpected. 

Conceived by creative polymath Danielle Harvey (director of Festival of Dangerous Ideas and  originating director of A Midnight Visit), ETERNITYLAND will premiere with two weeks of previews  from 3 August, before officially opening on 17 August. The show features over 20 Instagram-worthy  sets and a collection of kooky characters including a cool Cowboy, a villainous Clown, a crooning Mr  Money, a Mother (of monsters), a loyal but lazy Knight, a very lost Royal, and a retired Warrior and  of course a bunch of minions and sidekicks.  

Be part of the cast and dress up

ETERNITYLAND features an all-star line-up of art, theatre and film creatives with production design  by Dan Porta, Matthew Aberline and Isabel Hudson, art direction by Natalie Verriest, video design by  Sabrina Organo and Club Sandwich, costume design by Mason Browne and sound design by Julian  Wessels. Supported by the NSW Government’s CBDs Revitalisation Program, ETERNITYLAND  champions the creative community of Sydney and has been able to employ 60 artists and events  professionals after what has been a challenging couple of years. 

Sydney – it’s time to get amongst the creative art crowd you’ve been so desperately missing. 

ETERNITYLAND opens from 3 August to 28 August with tickets starting from just $44.00 and available  to purchase via

Multiple entry times available  20/300 Barangaroo Avenue near the Wynyard escalators, Sussex Street

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