Hu Tong Brings Their Seriously Good Dumplings to the City


For those of us who have been to Hu Tong before, we know the dumplings are worth their weight in gold, if that makes any sense in reference to dumplings. You get the point though. Those who haven’t been need to take a long serious look in the mirror and ask themselves why. But, the good news is that either way there’s now more of them to go around. Hu Tong has just opened their new swankier restaurant East Restaurant on Little Collins Street in the city.

The food is Chinese. As to be expected. Think stir-fried string beans with chilli, braised duck with smoked tea, slow cooked pork ribs, roti rolls with steamed chicken in Szechuan chilli sauce, and fried potato balls with a creamy spicy sauce. Sounds good but we know what you’re really interestd in is the dumplings. They’re there. Don’t stress. The handmade soup dumplings sit perfectly next to the steamed garlic, chive, and prawn dumplings. Recipes have not been changed, thank goodness.

With the new space being fitted-out by architect Hecker Guthrie, there is a little more style to the place with handmade tiles in turquoise, high tables, paper lanterns, and greenery. With this added style comes a fancy drinks list too. There is a selection of premium Chinese wine as well as a cocktail list featuring lychee martinis and a Lemongrass Illusion.

Go for the dumplings, stay for the dumplings. The rest is good too, we promise.

East Restaurant 
25 Little Collins Street Melbourne 9650 8838

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