Chinese New Year 2019

Madame Shanghai Vegan Dinner Just as we get over Australia Day, a whole new year is dawning across the world. Our much loved Sydney restaurants and bars are embracing Chinese New Year (CNY) on Tuesday 5th February with celebrations and special events that kick off from around 1st Feb for two weeks. It’s the year of the Pig. Oink! Let’s go indulge our ‘inner piggy’!

Cruise Bar – Lunar Feast
Junk Lounge on Level 2 of Cruise Bar is hosting an exclusive Lunar New Year celebration. Indulge in an Asian-inspired 3-course menu with matching wines. Guests can also experience the launch of the year of the pig with entertainment and lion dances from 7pm on the launch night of Friday the 1st of February.
Dates: 1- 10th Feb
Cost: $69 per person, available every evening from 1 – 10 February.
Get in quick to book your Lunar New Year feast as this one will book out fast!                      More details here

Dumpling Masterclass – Madame Shanghai
Love dumplings? Join Lotus Dining Group for an exciting hands-on masterclass where you’ll learn the secrets of Chinese dumplings and the art of creating your very own handmade dumplings. This interactive class is hosted by Mindy Woods (ex-Masterchef) and one of Lotus’ dumpling masters. The class with conclude with a feast of your delicious creations and a recipe to try at home with your newfound skills.
Dates: classes will be held from February 9 and February 23.
Cost: tickets are $120

Madame Shanghai dumpling class

Observation Deck of the Sydney Tower Eye with New Shanghai
Enjoy ‘sky high dumplings’ with a delicious all-you-can-eat session. New Shanghai are returning by popular demand for a second year. The ‘towering’ dumpling feast is better than ever with 45-minute food-scoffing sessions so you can gorge on delectable dumplings. If you’re not that hungry, no problem! You can mix and match your dumpling creations at the pop-up station which features options from peking beef bao and prawn & pork wontons. There are also vegetarian options available. Wonton are you waiting for?
Dates: 1st – 10th February
Cost: $45 per person

Spice Temple
Neil Perry and Spice Temple Executive Chef Andy Evans have collaborated on this special menu, which incorporates ingredients that promote health, wealth, happiness and other aspects of good fortune. Join them for an exclusive 9 course banquet menu. The menu promotes health, wealth and happiness with dishes like Raw Tuna with Spicy Orange Oil and Iceberg or Stir Fried Brisket with Lucky Money Dumplings and Stir-fried spanner crab with mung bean noodles, salted red and green chilli – its a great start to the year.
Dates; Friday 1 February to Sunday, 10 February
Cost: The menu costs $99 per person, with matching wines an additional $55 per person.

Spice Temple Chinese New Year Banquet (3)

Devon Cafe
Check out limited edition dishes across all cafes. There’s a Prosperity Sando with 24 hour braised wagyu brisket and a black pepper glaze; pickled and fried onions with lettuce served with a side of fries. Dessert lovers should check out the red velvet soft serve cone or the red and gold bubble tea sundae with red velvet soft serve, mandarin pearls, mandarin, and whipped cream cheese both topped off with beautiful gold leaf.
Dates: Tuesday 5 February until 20 February
Cost: Prosperity Sando $25, Red and Gold Bubble Tea Sundae $14, Red Velvet Soft Serve $10 (dessert dishes only at Barangaroo and North Sydney)

Beijing Vegan Dinner – Madame Shanghai
Beijing is known for offering a unique style of cuisine that has been influenced by the many different culinary traditions of the people who call it home. The food of Beijing ranges from spectacular imperial dishes to comforting home-style dishes and boasts key flavours of hot and sour. These are delivered by ingredients such as dark soy paste, sesame and scallions, keeping the flavours bold whilst remaining balanced and fresh. Explore these flavours of Beijing with a unique 10 course vegan banquet
Dates: February 5 and February 28.
Cost: Tickets for the dinner are $65

Madame Shanghai Stuffed crispy eggplant with shiitake mushroom and water chestnut

Watercolour Masterclass – Madame Shanghai
Join the talented Blair Zhang as she teaches how to paint with watercolour in this timely ‘Chinese New Year’ themed masterclass. During this 2.5 hour class, you will receive expert guidance and hands on demonstrations from Blair whilst enjoying a customised tasting menu at Madame Shanghai. As well as lunch, all equipment, supplies and reference materials are provided to help you create your very own watercolour masterpiece.
Dates: The class will be held at Madame Shanghai on February 16
Cost: Tickets are $85 and the class will run from 12:00pm – 2:30pm.

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