Talking with Anna Baird, Bared Footwear Founder

Anna Baird, Bared FounderWe chit-chat with Bared founder and podiatrist Anna Baird who recently welcomed Sydney residents into the ‘Tree Change’ concept space, a beautiful blink-and-you’ll-miss-it experience decorated with Byron Bay Hanging Chairs and Melbourne’s famous Loose Leaf crafting hanging plant installations located at Megan Morton’s ‘The Studio’.

What does a day look like for you?
Woken at 6am by my two children Eliza (four) and Gilbert (six), then the usual mad school and kinder rush, and off to work – our office above our High Street, Armadale shop. My work day consists of: chasing our factory for samples, organizing freight, training staff, serving our lovely customers and the occasional photo-shoot (usually me posing with my bum stuck out the back to make my legs look a skinny as possible for instagram…I am definitely no model – but with a fresh spray tan, my skinny calves do the job!). My mini-dachshund ‘Frankie’ usually accompanies me throughout my daily activities.

Anna Baird, Bared FounderWhere is your favourite place for a coffee/tea/juice?
We are pretty lucky on High Street; we have great choices for good coffee, food and green juice. My daily coffee is from Lovebird Café, just next-door to the shop – it always comes from a smiling face.

Bared_Insta_2What is your favourite way to de-stress?
I sound like such on old lady, but I love being creative and these days it is usually something for my kids. I found myself recently making tiny toadstools out of red and white Fimo, then placing them into a tiny bottle with some moss to create a little fairy garden for Eliza’s 4th birthday party. I think my husband thought I was mad! I also love sewing things for my kids. I have a thing for liberty prints – so lucky I have a little girl.

And to disconnect from digital?
I don’t really ever disconnect completely… but I am lucky in that I have great people doing the bulk of our social-media posting, so my connection can simply be checking up on things and not actually doing the hard yards 24/7. I have come back from holidays and realised that I have 2 photos of my kids and 100 of shoes. That is a bit of a reality check.

Bared_Insta_4Where do you get your shoes repaired?
We have a lovely shoe repairer Jack just down the road in the Kings Arcade.

What will we find you wearing most this summer?
Shorts and a blazer with our ‘Rooster’ double monk in White. I am obsessed with white shoes. My wardrobe features a lot of items from Bassike, Victoria and Woods and Scanlon and Theodore.

What are your favourite social media accounts to follow?
I love The Design Files. Looking at the amazing of homes of creative people is always inspiring.

What’s the last book you read that you’d recommend to a friend?
I like to go to sleep feeling inspired. It sounds so geeky but I love business books; the last one I read was ‘Multipliers’ by Liz Wiseman. I would recommend this book to anyone trying to grow a business. Having an empowered team is the key.

Anna Baird, Bared FounderWhat’s next on your to-do list?
I am really keen to open a stand-alone men’s store in Melbourne CBD, where men can shop more easily. Our men’s product is amazing and I think it is time to really get it out there.

Your next travel destination and why?
I have no idea. Our holidays are usually booked at the last minute when we decide that we need a break with our kids.

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