There are no such things as tea bags

Forget single origin coffee and house roasted coffee beans, let’s talk tea. And not just any tea, we’re talking competition-grade loose leaf tea sourced from artisan plantations all over the world.

Tea Craft is the love child of Tjok Gde Kerthyasa and Arthur Tong – two friends who packed in their corporate day jobs to embark on a global ‘tea hunt’ for traditionally grown and thoughtfully handled single origin teas.

You can choose from their seven different blends including everything from traditional black and green teas through to more exotic blends and herbal infusions. Fancy a pot of ‘Big Red Rob’ or ‘Jasmin Dragon Eyes’?

With strong mantras like ‘there are no such things as tea bags’ the boys want you to enjoy tea, the right way. They even provide instructions on what time of day each tea should be consumed, whether you’re allowed milk or sugar, and at what temperature and how long each tea should be steeped.

Get acquainted with Tea Craft and you’ll never look at the humble tea bag the same way again.

Tea Craft
T: 1300 733 973

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