Best of Barangaroo at NOLA

NOLA 3Barangaroo is a buzzing hub of hot new restaurants, shops and big office buildings, but sometimes it’s a little too sleek and chic. But that all changes at NOLA.

Walk in the door at NOLA Smokehouse & Bar, or rather out the elevator (it sits on a corner of Tower One’s first floor), and you’re transported straight to the busy, bustling heart of New Orleans. You’ll be loosening your shoulders, rolling up your sleeves and getting ready for a good time before you’ve even sat down at the bar.

NOLA 1Brought to us by the team behind The Swinging Cat, one of King Street’s best basement bars, NOLA has that winning formula of killer cocktails, top notch nosh and staff that aren’t afraid to have a bit of fun. Just like the name suggests (NOLA is one of New Orleans’ many nicknames), everyone is here to have a bit of fun and a very good time so get ready for a night out in New Orleans smack bang in the middle of the Sydney scene.

NOLA 2Start your evening at the bar, which although it has no bar taps, has one of the largest whisky collections around town, with more than 500 different bottles and counting. They’re aiming to hit 1,000. Then there’s the cocktails – all your New Orleans classics like Sazeracs and Hurricanes, along with a few great gin-based tipples. If you’re settling in, grab a table (in “The French Quarter”) and get stuck into the bar menu. Executive Chef Richard Duff’s hot wings, mac and cheese pork scrumpets and wagyu burgers are bringing in the crowds.


And then there’s the Smokehouse. The restaurant’s dozen or so tables are packed with people drooling over house made smoked meats – melt in your mouth shredded pork and brisket are a must try, especially with the house made sauces, especially given the hours and hours they’ve spent in the on site smokers. There’s also oysters, seared scallops, shrimp cocktails, blackened and tea-brined chicken – dishes that ring true to southern American flavours.

NOLA 5_1000x1000

And then there’s dessert. This is your chance to try a proper pecan pie (made extra special with a splash of Southern Comfort) and sweet potato mousse, or an excellent malt ice cream. Enough said.

NOLA Smokehouse & Bar
Tower 1, Level 1, 100 Barangaroo Avenue, The Streets of Barangaroo
T: (02) 9188 3039
Monday to Friday: 11.45am – 1am

Saturday: 4pm – 1am
Sunday: 11.45am – 10pm

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