Aesop mythical beauty

Beauty haven Aesop takes its name from an ancient Greek fabulist renowned for his tales of anthromorphised forest folk.

It’s little wonder that the new Bondi store has a touch of the Grecian woods about it.  Aged timber meets a cool marble countertop and pale grey and white fixtures combine to create an airy, open space. There are boulders in the walls and dips in the floor that lend a surprisingly organic element to the floor.

Architect and Designer Zenta Tanaka says, “Dips in the landscape can be beautiful; they’re where things might change and grow. And combining mature wood, marble and varying textures lends a sense of relaxed character and calmness to the space.’

Once you enter this exceptional place, you can move onto the next step; playing with the full range of skin, hair and body care made from ingredients such as parsley seeds, cloves, cardamom and lots of other delicious smelling anti-oxidant plant and vegetable extracts.

Shop 9, Beach House
178 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach
T: 02 9130 2433

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