whiskey or whisky?

If you’re Irish, it will be the former – to be sure, to be sure! The ‘e’ is kept in their version of ‘whiskey’. 

 And being St Patrick’s Day, there’ll be plenty of it consumed today, most likely Jameson – the world’s best-selling Irish whiskey.

 But how does one tell the difference between Bourbon, Scotch whisky or Irish whiskey? And what’s to appreciate about all that amber-coloured goodness?

 For those who’d like to get better acquainted with a fine drop, the International Whiskey Experience is for you. These free (yes, free) whiskey tastings held around Australia are to educate and inform both the curious and converted about whiskies. 

 During the evening you’ll be hosted by an experienced brand ambassador, who will run through the characteristics and colourful history of a variety of whiskies including Jameson, The Glenlivet, Chivas Regal and Wild Turkey. There’ll be tastings, along with tips on mixing, serving and enjoying.

 If you pre-register and bring three or more friends along to the event, you’ll leave with a complimentary three-pack. 

 Got to love the Irish. Happy St Patrick’s Day.

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