we know about max

Warning: this story contains excessive chocolate and subliminal sexual references.

You too? No need to embellish, we know about the affair. Your relationship with Max has lasted a while now. A dangerous liaison that’s decadent, secret, and likely unbeknownst to your partner. God forbid your personal trainer or gym buddy ever finds out. 

Of course we understand. Max Brenner does that to people. He lures you in with his promises of hot chocolate hug mugs (specially designed for hugging in both hands), romantic notions for a new choc culture; and simply mesmerises with, well, all…things…chocolate.

He knows how to push the right buttons – letting you shop to your heart’s content, buying his pralines in a ‘Rose box’, chocolate cream truffles and 100% pure choc thins.

Coaxing you to stay for one more visit, to share a chocolate pizza, chocolate lick dessert or tutti-frutti waffle for two (warmed waffle covered with a generous drizzle of warm chocolate, served with strawberry and banana pieces and optional scoop of ice cream).

The bald guy is ruthless, luring in unsuspecting (though somewhat willing) victims to his bachelor pads – there are seven scattered across the state, with another opening here soon, not to mention his new NYC abodes and other international locations.

No doubt there’ll be a romantic sojourn this long Easter Weekend. You’ll be spoilt for choice between “Max’s Treasure for Chocolate Loving Adults” – 30 milk chocolate egglets in a vintage style pencil case ($15 each) and “Pralines and Egglets” – five signature pralines presented with four delicious milk chocolate egglets in Max’s classic praline box ($16.50).

Mere mortals are not made to resist temptations like this.

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