what your mother didn’t know about make up

Mum used to say don’t date boys with tattoos – they’ll break your heart. Don’t wear make up – you’ll ruin your skin. Funny how they’re right about so many things. But even though they’ve got the whole ‘mum force and you’ll see’ thing going on, we’re not convinced about make up being bad. We’ve even found stuff that is actually good for you. Just precede with minerals.

What’s the deal? Mineral make up is made from naturally occurring minerals like titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxide and mica. It doesn’t contain the dyes, perfumes, oils, preservatives and additives that are routinely used in traditional make up. And so is free of synthetics and chemicals that can provoke traumatic skin traumas, like clogged pores, acne and irritation.

The ingredients used in mineral make up have inherent properties your skin will love. They act as sunscreen, provide oil-control, have soothing abilities (great for those with rosacea or sensitive skin) and still allow your skin to breathe. Mineral foundations are even lighter in texture than regular foundations and ideal for creating that ‘natural’ finish.

Philosophy’s Supernatural Airbrushed Canvas Mineral Foundation is perfect for the girl-on-the-go. You’ll love the built-in sponge applicator and mirror. It’s cute, compact and easy to use. Carry it with you for last minute touch-ups before that all important meeting or impromptu drinks.

So, mum can be wrong. Just don’t tell her we said so.

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