to scooter or not to scooter?

With comical petrol prices and traffic congestion that only drives you to frustration, this debate is alive and kicking. And despite being in our modern age and all, there are some guys that are still facing a masculinity crisis – to scooter or not to scooter?

There are, the numbers show, people buying these two (and growing range of three) wheelers. Last year in Australia, the Piaggio family of Italian scooters including the iconic Vespa, sold 2,482 units, a 29 percent increase on 2006. The case ‘for scooter’ is also a strong one; low emissions, fuel-efficient consumption, park-friendly and nimble for the daily commute. You could maybe add on that they represent irreverent freedom and have that sexy European appeal.

But who needs to be practical…have you noticed how these zippy mobiles turn heads without gender bias? It used to be the guys thinking that girls look cute on their white Vespas thanks to legendary sophisticate Audrey Hepburn and more recently Nicole Kidman and Milla Jovovich. Antonio Banderas, Matt Damon and Jude Law have now joined the ranks. Even Mick Doohan recently said the Piaggio MP3 400 is as much of a guy’s machine as it is a girl’s.

You gentlemen can make up your own mind. There are seven Piaggio dealers in metro NSW with three locations now ready to offer test rides of the new Piaggio MP3.

Vespa helped liberate a war-torn Italy in 1946. Seems like they like blazing the liberation trail.

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