killing me softly

It seems like a good idea at the time. You, a microphone, and Jolene. Or Bon Jovi. Or possibly even Frank. The office end-of-week lunch becomes drinking and slowly morphs into something vaguely resembling, karaoke? Forget the core competencies, you need a tone-deaf boss.

 Note nowadays there’s so much more to Karaoke than public humiliation. You still get the odd film clip with ‘swimsuit girl dreaming about unrequited love’, but have it in a privately hired room, with big sofas, food and beverage service. This way the only reason you need the mic is to be heard above the din of your own group yelling along to Livin’ on a Prayer.

 KSquare, Viva Karaoke, Big Echo Karaoke, and Echo Point are clustered around the CBD, where the ardent fans go. They offer rooms by the hour, current or classic songs in an assortment of languages, and charge either by room or per person, with Happy Hour specials. You can order alcohol at most places, and some allow BYO – just check.

 The microphones, replete with protective coverings for extra hygiene, can now mask the vocally challenged better and the rooms stay open to late, especially on Fridays as Saturdays where 4am is not uncommon. This accounts for agent alcohol’s busiest hours, as he diligently uncovers a plethora of wannabe rock stars.

 Take my hand and we’ll make it, I swear…

KSquare Karaoke Lounge, Shop G4 Capitol Square, 730-742 George St, Sydney 2000, (02) 9281 8833

Big Echo Karaoke Box, 104 Bathurst Street, Sydney 2000,
(02) 9283 2666

Echo Point, Basement, 262 Pitt Street, Sydney 2000, (02) 9283 1618

Viva Karaoke, 210 Clarence Street, Sydney 2000, (02) 9283 7733

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