Tea Talks at The Tea Centre

Know your tea brew

There are few relationships that have truly withstood the test of time. Some of those destined-to-be-together pairings include French fries and tomato sauce, re-runs of Ally McBeal and tubs of ice cream, and Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.

Another relationship that has survived the tests and trials of the fast-paced modern world unscathed is tea and conversation.

When you invite a friend over for a catch-up you’re generally inclined to preface more personal questions with an inquiry into how they take their brew of choice, and it’s arguable that good conversation helps a cuppa go down even more smoothly than biting the ends off a Tim Tam and using it as a straw.

One man who can truly testify to the magic of tea and conversation is David Lyons. After studying tea for 14 years he’s initiated The Tea Centre’s Saturday morning Tea Talks programme.

You’ll get a cup (or three) of Lyons’ chosen brew to sip on while delving into history, knowledge and good old-fashioned conversation.

If you’re a health nut get down to The Glasshouse after yoga class on October 1st to discuss just how good oolong really is for you, or if you prefer the black stuff then drop in on the 22nd.

Not all relationships are so worthy of preservation (good riddance to that un-balanced ex), but tea and talk is one that’s well worth savouring.

Tea Talks at The Tea Centre
The Glasshouse Sydney, 150 Pitt Street Sydney 2000
Dates vary, 10am – 12noon
$20 email Sydney@theteacentre.com.au to book

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