how evidential reasoning gave me a blob

Curator:   Each controlled paint stroke culminates in a ball of numb fury.

 You:         It’s a big, um…diaphanous, blob of jelly.

 Sometimes you wonder if some artist is on a personal vendetta; to mock your occasional bi-polar interpretation of modern art. 

 So what is modern art? How does one make sense of it? And can you do it whilst having some fun?

 Join a group of young professionals that can critique and criticise art with flair. Contempo is where the contemporary minded come together and explore Sydney’s contemporary art scene. 

 You can tap in to around 80 events being held throughout the year, all with informal and entertaining agendas in mind. 

 Sounds like art held at Hugo’s next month will explore the role of music in art and end with a live dj session. Portfolio is an event series that brings together six practising artists, including two painters, two photographers, a sculptor and a video artist as well as a curator’s view of how they curate art. You can attend an art class under the tuition of well known Australian artist, or a free art tour with a glass of wine at the Art Gallery of NSW on the last Wednesday evening each month.

 Whether a blob or ball it’s all about a love of contemporary art.


Art Gallery Society of NSW

Art Gallery Road Sydney NSW 2000, (02) 9225 1878

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