games in the garden

Throwing balls toward a target is the oldest game known to mankind. Easily accepted when you combine the universal sport of scorned women, and the good game of bocce.

Post lazy lunch or pre-gastro pub dinner, the place to be seen refining your European-style bowling skills is at the Gazebo Wine Garden’s bocce tournaments held each Sunday afternoon.  

The aim of the game is for one team to get as many of their balls closer to a smaller ‘object ball’ than the opposing team’s closest ball, and to score points along the way.  Bocce novices need not worry; your resident host will happily explain the rules of play.

After working up a thirst you can relax indoors or outdoors in the Parisian-style surroundings, and choose from 300 wines by the bottle and up to 50 different wines by the glass. Gazebo’s Enomatic Wine System, the only one in the southern hemisphere, cleverly stops oxidisation and keeps wine fresh for a few weeks. So if you’re keen to celebrate your bocce winnings go ahead and order a Grange by the glass. 

With 38 wines in the system (ranging from $7.50 – $36 per glass) it’s easy to venture out and try a vino you may normally give a miss. Better still, get a group together (min 4 people) for a friendly wine tasting experience including tasting notes and tapas-style plates to share. Your personal sommeliers Tom Glenworght or Andrew Jameson will be on hand to demystify the wines, and to teach you a few tricks.

Gazebo Wine Garden
Bocce on Sundays, 5pm.
2 Elizabeth Bay Road, Elizabeth Bay, (02) 9357 5333

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