Travel Glamorously with Enfants Paradis


Traveling glamorously isn’t just resisting the temptation to wear Ugg Boots.

It’s all in the details. And one of the easiest routes to move a la mode? Giving your beauty drill a first class upgrade.  

Enter Bali-based Enfants Paradis, a delicious range of botanical beauty products, the brainchild of Seminyak-via-Sydney creative Kirsty Ludbrook and the Dom Perignon to your in-flight pinot.

The luxe beauty range uses all natural and bio-active ingredients to get you a holiday glow before you’ve even touched down. Fight cabin skin with the revitalising anti-oxidant hydrating mist, brighten sore eyes to a combination of Schizandra and Himalayan Juniper Berries and ditch that lotion you took from the hotel vanity for the velvety Enfants body butter.

In the ‘things you never knew you couldn’t live without’ category, a luxurious leather travel roll with a mini trifector of age-defying serums is so chic you’ll want to use it as a clutch.

You’ll never really travel economy again. 

Enfants Paradis

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