How to be Healthy this Holiday Season

O Bar and Dining The Christmas lights are up, DJs window displays are out, and the holiday drinks invites are pouring in. The silly season is officially here and if you’re partial to an office party, festive season frivolity and a few Christmas champers, it can be tough to stay on the straight and healthy. The holidays are about having fun, but don’t let your December and your January turn into one big cheat day. Here’s how to stay healthy too:

1. Do you really need to go to EVERY party?
FOMO is real. But this year it’s all about JOMO. The Joy of Missing Out. Save your RSVP for the extra special dinners and decline drinks with anyone but your closest squad – quality over quantity is the name of the game. Especially if you want to get to Christmas Day without bags under your eyes.

2. Champagne, water, champagne…
One for one is the way to play this game. Alternating one glass of alcohol with one glass of water will ensure you can stay longer at the party and save your head the next day. Also try to stay on one type of drink the entire night. Don’t be tempted to switch between the welcome cocktail, some bubbles, a glass of wine and then back to bubbles.


3. Cook!!
Get yourself ahead of your New Year’s resolution with a few weeks of good, clean eating. Make it easy and sign up to a meal delivery like HelloFresh. Try out the family version which means you can take left overs into work for lunch or a healthy pre-party snack – you’ll save money and be less likely to hit the canapes hard with a full stomach.

4. The cheese platter – alert!!
Yes, you should have a cheese platter strategy. Go for a hard cheese with a stronger flavour – you’re likely to eat less of it than those creamy soft cheeses that go down so easily. Try to load up on the fruit, lean meats and nuts. Gluten free crackers are also a good bet.

5. Healthy vibes
Hit the gym on the day of big events, drinks or parties. Don’t just do the same old workout. Try something new, like Barrys Bootcamp, in Martin Place. You’ll really get the heartbeat racing, and are more likely to carry the memory of those ‘feel good’ healthy vibes into the party as a guardian against the mini quiche and buffet tables.

6. Cinderella system
We’re not saying you need to be out the door before midnight every time, but channel your own inner Fairy Godmother and decide on the time you’re calling it a night before you set foot in the door. Set your phone alarm to go off at the time you have agreed with yourself, it gives you an instant reason to break conversation, say ‘sorry just had a call’, then run out the door with your Uber/pumpkin carriage on the way!

7. Get your booty shaking
Ok, it doesn’t have to be a full Beyoncé dance off, but hit the dance floor when Queen comes on and burn those calories as you boogie the night away. Let’s face it, what’s an office Christmas party without a few shameless songs on the dance floor with your work besties?

8. Party feet
Always keep a pair of flats in your handbag for the end of the night or if the dance floor is really heating up but your heels aren’t co-operating. You’ll thank us when you head home too. No one is looking at your feet in the taxi line.

O Bar and Dining9. Pick your venues
Be strategic about setting Christmas catchups in venues where you know you can have healthy options on the table. At O Bar and Dining, you get a serious serve of Sydney’s best views with Michael Moore’s locally sourced, sustainable fare. Ancient grain flatbreads, free range meats and native berries are just the beginning. Our top tip is to head to the Lobby Bar, their special Lobby Menu is better than a Christmas Cracker. $55 will get you a main, side and beverage. Dishes such as Spencer Gulf Hiramissa Kingfish with miso and confit eschalot could be yours!

10. Resist office snacks
Don’t be lured in by the chocolates, shortbread, cupcakes and pudding that start to make the rounds of the office pods. Start your week stocking up on healthy snacks like pre-cut carrots and celery, yoghurt and nuts.

About the author

Lisa used to use Sydney as a base to drop off souvenirs before heading off on the next adventure but these days she’s got her feet almost on the ground, with a desire to try every high tea in Sydney, and a cute cavoodle puppy at home. Travel writer, photographer and Kitchen Aid freak, she loves to eat, bake and write.


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