Beer Busters – Craft Cartel Liqour bring the brewery to you!

Remember those summer days? Dogs n’ Beer at Wayward Breweries, surfers and mountain bikers chillin’ at the Northern Beaches breweries of Modus and Nomad? We loved them and they loved us back.

These are different times and from today, most of us in isolation, our boutique breweries are struggling. So how can we give back to those who depended on us to eat, drink and adore? Yes people! Your nation demands you drink beer.

The fantastic team at Craft Cartel Liqour have been supporting local artisnal brewstars for years. These craft brewers and distillers are colourful characters who provide us with more than inspirational tattoos and impressive beards! Its now a movement #KEEPINGLOCALALIVE.

Woo! beers, tasting notes even glass guide!

We are pleased to tell you that this article is brought to you whilst diligently trying a couple from our fabulous box which arrived yesterday! It was hard to choose from cans such as Sauce Brewing ‘Bubble & Squeak IPA’, Lord Howe Island ‘Phasmid Pale Ale’ or Bloke in a Bar ‘Larger’ from Woolongong. The beer that fitted our bill was The Coastal Brewing Co Barrington Blonde. What a stunner. Brewed with wet hops, it had a beautiful straw colour and malty sweetness. Next up, was Beerfarm IPA which is an American style with a bit more omph and stonefruit but not as full on as Trump. We also really love that our delivery box were in cans. Whilst we love a beer from a bottle, there is a lot to be said for a tinnie delivery. For example, did you know cans no longer have that metallic taste, thanks to internal coating. Think of it as a mini keg. Cans are more portable and durable and are kinder to the environment, they take far less energy to recycle than bottles and let’s face it, they chill faster!

So what are you waiting for? Lets do our bit for your country and drink beer from these amazing beer brainchilds from all over Australia . Here is how you can help:

Happy Hour Tuesdays – Cool deals every Tuesday from 11am with up to 50% off from breweries with free delivery (excluding NT). New deals every week and accessed for a limited time!

The Brewery Series – Behind every great brewery is a story, nature and its people. We have been pouring (literally) over the past boxes we missed out on. Noooo. Each one has a write up, you’ll get to know the team behind each brew from their favourite independent craft breweries from AU and NZ

Beer Club

Craft Beer Club – Think ‘Top Gun’ The Best of the Best is coming for you! Eat dirt self isolation! Its personal and we can top up our fridges from over 700 Australian craft breweries releasing seasonal and one off specials. Choose 8 ($59) or 16 ($99) unique beers each month or quarter. We love a good perk, and we also get 10% of all products in store (they have a shop!) or online for orders over $50.

Show the Beer Love – Show others you care during these unprecedented times with a curated collection of craft beer, wine and spirit gifts, including the best-selling ‘Top 10 Tinnies’.

So we are enjoying our cracker selection which arrived with tasting notes and even a glass guide for drinking. These peeps thought of everything. So now lets be thougthful and do our bit for our country!

Craft Cartel
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