A Corker of an Idea

A few years ago, you stumbled into a collection of fine wine that, through a set of fortuitous circumstances, found its way into your own humble wine rack. Great. But … then what?

Without the knowledge about whether it would be ‘good’ or ‘bad’, the bottles become less of an enjoyable tipple and more of a talking point – the presumption being that they were building in value with each year they aged.

If you’ve ever been given a special bottle of wine the question about when to drink it (now? Or in a few years?) can put you in a dither. Now there’s a way to get your answer courtesy of Penfolds – the world’s only wine company to offer a free re-corking service.

This merry band of earnest winemakers visit Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane (before heading to New York and Chicago) with a set of instruments that test and assess the ‘health’ of any wine that is older than 15 years. Doesn’t matter whether it’s $2000, or $20 – bring it along and see if it’s worth holding onto.

The bad news is that many discover that heirloom Grange that was passed down from exotic Aunt Eloise is now tainted and undrinkable. Of course, being wine makers, there’s also ‘the glass is half full’-style good news too. In fact, the majority of folk presenting their wine for inspection come away with the certification of approval and precise knowledge about the best time to drink it. The best bit, it’s free.

These re-corking clinics only roll around once every two years. You’ll become that person at parties who can speak with interesting authority about the way wine ages and, even better, you’ll always have the best wine.

Penfolds Re-Corking Clinics 2012

Sydney 7 – 9 August Intercontinental Hotel
Melbourne 14 – 16 August Crown Melbourne
Adelaide 22 – 23 August Magill Estate Winery
Perth 29 – 30 August Burswood Entertainment Complex
Brisbane 4 – 5 September Hilton Brisbane

Bookings 1300 651 650

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