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How to Select Your Ideal Wine by Rewild Winemaker, Tony Allen

URGH. The pressure of picking the right wine for the right occasion when you only know what you like but not about the depth, character or notes is a lot. It’s hard and some folks can be very judgey about the wine you bring. Tony Allen, Rewild Winemaker was kind enough to share some tips!

Choosing the ideal wine for you is a very personal thing – it can all boil down to your palate, preferences, mood or even what you’ll be serving it with! Winemakers recommend exploring as
many varietals and styles as possible to determine which drops you enjoy most.

1. The first place to start is deciding on the type of wine that you’d like to enjoy. Basic wine categories include red, white, rose, sparkling, fortified and dessert wine. Once you have landed on type, it’s easier to then drill down to what might be your preferred varietal. The best place to start when deciding on type of wine is considering what occasion the wine be served at and what food will be on the menu. For instance, if you’re attending a birthday celebration you might lean more towards a bottle of bubbles as it’s lighter and more versatile, while red wine might be more your speed if you’ll be cooking a hearty meal at home, as a red wine tends to be robust and full-bodied, which will complement the dish.

2. Your personal taste preferences are one of the most important things to consider when selecting a wine. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to picking a varietal, most wine brand will list key flavour notes on the bottle label. If heading to your local bottle shop,
don’t be afraid to ask the staff – they are experts and have usually sampled most of the wines they stock, so should be able to point you in the right direction.

3. As mentioned above, occasion and type of food being served are important to take into consideration when selecting any wine. If you’re needing a wine to share with a group of people, you’ll want something that is versatile so, a medium-bodied Rewild Merlot or Rewild Chardonnay would usually be a safe pick. For those that are not confident – or are unsure of what food will be served – the Rewild Rose is an excellent all-rounder, especially for a spring or summer occasion with light raspberry and strawberry flavours.

4. The range in prices for wine can be daunting for those new to the world of vino. It’s important to note that expensive doesn’t always mean better. I’ve enjoyed expensive and affordable drops throughout my career! For instance, sustainably produced wine brand, Rewild, offers a wine range that is delicious and great value, with an RRP of $9.99! Selecting a sustainably certified wine like Rewild, offers a way to feel good about your purchase, knowing you’re doing the right thing for the environment. After all, great wine doesn’t have to cost the earth!

Rewild can be found at Dan Murphy’s.

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