Time to get prepped: Winter skin and hair care

Don’t be like cacti – get as much moisture as possible

Well it’s cold again. When hasn’t it been cold though? Feels like yet another disappointing summer and now we’re confronted with winter again! Thank goodness the jumpers are cosy. This year has played havoc on our senses, bringing mould in the house and drying our skin. A lot of folks we’re talking to say their skin is unseasonably dry and their hair is lacking some oomph. We have some lovely new products to help and simply spoil yourself as we survive yet another winter! 


Moisturise and glow

The aptly named, newly launched product range, KIND is kind to animals, the environment and you. Cruelty free, vegan, free of SLAs, parabens and packaged in bamboo and other sustainable products, the brand is also Australian owned. We have fallen head over heels in love with the quality of the brand and the amazing price. The Miracle Glow Skin Serum ($19.95)  brings together hyaluronic acid, with benefits of a primer with the glow of a highlighter. We’ve been wearing this as a base and applying the Natural Mineral Foundation ($29.95) over the top, along with the super smooth lipstick ($ 9.95) for a natural, fresh and super hydrated look. Gorgeous, well priced, accessible, well rounded range of essential products. 

My Soda Hair Care 

True to its name, Frizz Tamer

My Soda Australia is an Australian made cruelty free, plant based haircare range that provides product in recycled plastic, with refill pouches. Stocked in Woolworths – this range is accessible in pricing and delightfully effective. 

With a range of Shampoos and Conditioners plus the Beach Waves Sea Salt Texture Spray ($15), Frizz Tamer Smoothing oil ($15) and Moisture Boost Recover Mask ($15) are all impressive. The Beach Waves Sea Salt Texture Spray lasts all day from a few simple sprtizes and the smoothing oil takes a simple drops to actually defrizz and calm – perfect during the wet weather. 

Vela Days

Delicious on your skin

Want to have a tree planted every time you order a skincare product? Well you can achieve with Vela Days. This range using clinical grade, high quality hemp extracts and oils along with other extracts to create luxurious results. 

The lipid complex cleansing balm brings together a unique blend of omega rich oils that create a unique gel-to-milk cleanser, enriched with ceramides, to melt away impurities and make up, leaving skin 100% cleansed, fresh and hydrated. 

The gel is made from rare plant oils which contain vitamins A, B, D & E and Omega 6 & 9 to restore skin, thoroughly purify pores and provide long lasting moisture for the skin, rinsing off cleanly and leaving the skin replenished and perfect for the other oils in your daily hydration routine.


Sophisticated natural haircare

Natural haircare can be tough to get right – great for the planet, great for your scalp but sometimes, in all honesty, it just lacks that little somethin’ somethin’ to give your hair that luxury and volume achieved with other products. Livani and more specifically, the range creator Jana are here to change all that. Yet another great Australian innovation, Livani brings together the finest sulfate free botanical cleaners to create a rich and complex range of shampoos and conditioners cleverly packaged in aluminium bottles for repurposing and infinite recycling. 100% vegan, no parabens or sulfites the range mimics that of more chemical based products with its variety suitable for different hair types; there’s a shampoo and conditioner ($90)  for every day, or sensitive, strengthen, blonde, smooth or also a set for extra moisture.

Basics by B

Good enough to gift

Remember the Facial Tanning Oil? The same team at Basics By B have launched a collaboration between two amazing women Bonnie Gillies and Claudia Miranda, who have joined forced to bring this face and eye palette together with a stunning piece of art on the cover.

The palette contains five eyeshadows, a bronzer, blush and highlighters in earthy colours. The packaging has been designed by Claudia to enhance the product inside. The packaging is perfect for a gift – as it’s so beautiful ($65).

Basics By B have also launched a luxury brush set (perfect timing to accompany the above set) that are 100% vegan and cruelty free – yet have all the same high qualities you’d expect from natural hair brushes. The luxury brush kit contains foundation brush, highlight brush, concealer, bronzer brush, blush brush, eyeshadow brushes, socket blending brush and brow brush. A comprehensive range of sturdy and trustworthy accoutrements that won’t fall apart ($55). 


Give your skin the Royal Treatment

We’re really celebrating Australian bands this month and HeartWood is yet another quality product. From WA, where Indian Sandalwood is sustainably grown, harvested and distilled by Heartwood for Heartwood. Indian sandalwood has been revered for its ability to destress and renew the skin. 

Indian Sandalwood is the central ingredient in the Royal Treatment to treat dull, red, dry, uneven skin. Suitable for all skin types, the sheet mask will brighten the skin, mind and senses. A perfect Friday night treat if you’re looking for to enjoy the royal treatment ($20). 

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