VS Sassoon Goddess Ultimate Straightener Review

VS Sassoon Goddess UltimateLooking back on my younger years, I vividly recall a couple of hair-raising moments. The first was a ‘bowl’ hair cut, the one that most Chinese kids are given as a rite of passage growing up (if not, picture an upside down rice bowl on top of your head and cutting along the rim – you’ll just about have it). The second was when I insisted on getting a perm … a seriously springy, curly number, which was terribly ‘cool’ (according to trusted Dolly magazine), yet not much to my mother who adored my dead straight long black hair. She still quietly cusses about that fateful hair salon visit, and how it changed my hair type forever. Till this day I have a very full head of coarse-ish, kinky-wavy, long hair.

Not one to settle for the (hair) status quo, I recently welcomed an introduction to the VS Sassoon Goddess Ultimate. I was intrigued to hear more about a new professional steam straightener that boasts an in-built conditioning steam mist to get your locks ultra-straight, smooth and shiny.  

I put this to the test under a typical how to prep in 20 minutes for a night out. Here’s what I loved:

VS Sassoon Goddess Ultimate

Half way there to smooth, sleek and straight

The VS Sassoon Goddess Ultimate is really easy to use (no awkward tangling with the swivel chord) and straightens fast – a few swipes down my hair from top to bottom and within ten minutes a new poker straight long hair do.

There are multiple settings to suit different hair types. My best friend could use a lower setting for her fragile and fine hair, whereas I turn up the dial for my coloured, wavy hair.

The clever Ionic function, which ensures a fizz-free factor. My hair looked rather shiny and felt soft-to-the-touch. No need to stress about humid days!

The Goddess Ultimate is great for people who are time poor (aren’t we all) and have hard-to-handle hair. Or you just might have a penchant for re-creating the latest runway looks – think sleek ponytails, half-ponytails tied at the back, or left free and untied.

VS Sassoon Goddess Ultimate

One swipe in action

So how does it work?

The Goddess’ nourishing steam doesn’t at any stage wet the hair. Rather it works by opening up the hair cuticles and infusing moisture into them before the straightener then seals them, polishing and protecting the hair at the same time right to the ends.

For people like me with thicker hair (or with curly, or coarser hair), it’s especially effective as our hair tends to be drier because of the way our hair cuticles are formed) – the steam relaxes and nourishes the cuticles for a smooth finish. I was impressed with the polished result.

This is probably going to be your new go-to hair tool. For $142.95 it won’t break the bank either.

VS Sassoon Goddess Ultimate

The end result – ultra-straight, polished, shiny and fizz-free locks.

Tools you need:

  1. 100% dry hair. Use a soft-bristled brush to brush hair well prior to straightening
  2. Hair clips to divide hair into sections
  3. Goddess Ultimate – fill the reservoir with tap water; turn on steam setting and away you go.

Happy straightening! Don’t forget to share your #OMGoddess look on social.


RRP: $142.95


This is a sponsored post courtesy of #OMGoddess moments instigator VS Sassoon.

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