understanding generation y: artexpress 08

It’s hard to tell what goes on in the minds of Generation Y these days. Maybe it’s something to do with a daily quest for tribal-style connection, online status, and multi-tasking in the pursuit of fighting boredom? Maybe it’s something too complex to think about on a Monday morning.

You’ll find it easier to just visit the annual ARTEXPRESS exhibition. ARTEXPRESS gives you a current insight on students’ creativity and on the issues and ideas they elect as especially relevant to them.

There are 62 outstanding artworks chosen from the portfolios of 9000 HSC Visual Arts 2007 students. They explore themes related to personal and social experiences, world events and politics. They can be a reflection on the past and visions of the future, debates and dialogues about contemporary art issues as well as of art histories.

You can see Bennett’s digital animation, inspired from the family PC having a severe virus problem and subsequent questioning of people’s dependence on technology; Hamilton’s expression of the use and misuse of language in society to control and persuade us into submission; and Alone’s digital interpretation of Krump (Kingdom, Rise, Uplifting, Mighty, Praise) dancing.

Be intrigued by Macpherson’s documentation as the only evidence of his artwork – he captures the journey of painting surfaces in a house knowing that it will be demolished; and Hurrell’s sculptures which address the emotional and ethical aspects of genetic technologies, as well as its implications.

Many of the students will likely be ‘ones to watch’ in the arts. Ben Quilty and Jasper Knight, both finalists in the Archibald Prize in recent years are two ex-ARTEXPRESS participants who have become successful artists.

Understanding Generation Y – here’s a good place to try.

ARTEXPRESS, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Art Gallery Rd The Domain, Sydney, 1800 679 278.
2 February to 30 March, 10am-5pm every day, or during ‘Art After Hours’ until 9pm Wednesday evenings. Free.

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