the hairdresser pledge

Unit, Corps, God, Country. That’s a Yankee military code representing a certain order of allegiance. Sure, the code’s priorities are debateable, but right now we’re just wondering how could they have left out Hairdresser?

 If you’ve ever been abnormally attached to your hairdresser, you’ll get what we mean. There’s a special bond between you and your scissor-wielding stylist, so much that if they move to another salon without telling you, it could cause an apocalypse.

 Enter, a website launched this week by business partners and Helmut Salon owner duo Karen and Glen O’Reilly. The online portal is dedicated to the Australian hair industry, where you can search through a national database of hairdressers, stylists and salons by name, suburb and postcode. 

 Here a team of professional stylists and educators will give you the latest style, colour and cut news. Right now,Victoria Meppem (who has held senior beauty roles at Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire) will tell you it’s all about big hair, buns and bouffants. You can find profiles of industry members, about events, products and salon openings.   

 If you’re having a ‘bad hair day’ and your hairdresser is not already in the database you can email their name, position and last known whereabouts. These are then added to the Wanted List.

 Keep the peace. You can now locate your favourite colourists and stylists no matter where they go.

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