seven minutes of fame tropfest 2008

The mention of the words ‘kiss’, ‘match’, ‘bug’, and ‘rock’ might conjure something to do with certain obligations of today, but we’re not going to bore you another Valentine’s story.

 If you’re a short film buff, you’ll recognise these as previous signature items (a reference required) of Tropfest Films. The lucky number ‘8’ gets added to the list this Sunday with Sony Tropfest, the world’s largest short film festival taking place in the Domain.

 The torch that the festival bears is to shine on the production of short films, and then provide an audience for the work of Australia’s emerging filmmakers. Even now in its 16th year, Tropfest attracts capacity crowds and keeps an audience of more than 150,000 suitably entertained. 

 16 finalists will each get their less than seven minutes of fame. Publicly screened for the first time, you can catch Mouse Race!, a journey into the seedy underworld of amateur mouse racing; The Code, a story about Damian and his year seven class attempting to pass a multiple choice test using the secret code he’s devised; and Acension, about two men, one elevator and no way out.

 A small bolt-on this year is Trop Jr which showcases the films of the younger entrants. Filmed by a budding film maker 15 years and under, (the festival’s youngest director ever is aged just six) you’ll see eight finalist’s interpretations of the Tropfest Signature Item, ‘green’.

 Spot the celebrity as film luminaries will be out in force on the evening, including founder John Polson and this year’s judge Naomi Watts. In past years you could have caught Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, Keanu Reeves or Jessica Biel.

 And if you’re not keen to lug your wine and cheese to the festival this year, remember to pre-order a picnic hamper by calling (02) 8220 8068. You can pick up your pre-booked gourmet or deluxe option, festival picnic rug and dining utensils inclusive, at the venue.

Sony Tropfest 2008, Domain, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, Sunday 17 February. Entertainment from 3pm onwards. Free.

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