Le Labo made to order

A perfume to bear your name
So you want to be a test bunny? Oui, but only if it’s in Le Labo. Meaning “The Lab” in French, Le Labo has arrived in Australia; the ultimate laboratory for made-to-order perfumes.

Founders Fabrice Penot and Edouard Roschi are all about fragrances for the mass-produced adverse.  A perfume made just for you, bearing your name.  It takes about 45 minutes to blend and create one of their eleven signature fragrances; 3 scents for the Male; 3 for the Female; 4 Unisex; and one alcohol-free for the baby. 

Each onsite formulation allows your composition to stay super “fresh”. The fragrance’s delicate top notes remain ‘full’ and so does your ability to spontaneously illicit ‘you smell divine’ responses, wherever you are.

You can also fill your office or home with Le Labo’s Figue and blackcurrant blend (Figue 15), Seville inspired oranges (Petitgrain 21), the smoky light my fire scents of Pin 21, Santal 26 or Cedre 11. A total of seven sumptuous scented, handmade candles made from a soy blend that burns for 70 hours. 

Laboratory tested. Made just for you.

Le Labo 
Exclusive to Mecca Cosmetica stores
Le Labo Lab in Mecca Cosmetica Myer Sydney, Melbourne Myer to open soon

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