csi meets contemporary art

At some stage you’ll have a loved one or friend to buy a present for. You know, that person with impeccable taste, a generous nature, has everything (high tech gadgets, a wardrobe to pine over and accessories to match).

So here’s an ideal one-of-a-kind gift. DNA 11 offers unique, personalised digital art. Personalised because you can choose your artwork’s colour, style, size and frame (cool), unique because their art is made from a sample of someone’s DNA, fingerprints or lip print (super cool). 

Novel and striking, this is where CSI meets contemporary art. There are three options to suit all walks.

For the individual or newly engaged couple try the DNA Portrait. We think the DNA split screen for Him and Her works a treat. 

If you’re looking for a piece that shows ‘We are Family’ the Fingerprints Portrait might appeal. Mount imprints of mum, dad, any siblings and yourself on the living room wall.

And if you’re living with the girls or want to give your beau something literally sealed with a kiss, matching KISS Portraits will do the trick. You’ll get a M·A·C VIVA GLAM lipstick to capture your perfect pout, and a portion of sales will be donated to the M∙A∙C AIDS Fund.

This is how it works. Customise your art piece to suit your personality and décor. You’ll then get sent a special kit with easy instructions on how to get a sample of your DNA, your fingerprint, or lip print. The sample then gets transformed into an artistic representation of a person’s life code and shipped to you in a four – eight weeks.

In case you’re worried about privacy, you can read DNA11’s fine print here. In short, no meaningful genetic information can be deduced from the artwork, a certified secure lab facility is used to process DNA samples anonymously, and every sample is discarded after images are successfully captured.

You can buy the kits in the Museum of Modern Art in New York or Tokyo, or if you’re not going there anytime soon, order from the website. Prices range from AU$586 – $996 and founders Adrian and Nazim Ahmed are currently offering free of tax shipping anywhere in Australia.

So who is this gift for now? Who…who…who…who? Sorry, we just really wanna know.

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