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If your profession or passion is to create, hone in on one event this week – Semi-Permanent, an annual event dedicated to all things design.

Much less your conventional two-day convention and more a community of energetic souls, the conference spans Graphic Design, Film, Art, Illustration, Web Design, Photography, Visual Effects, Animation, Graffiti, Motion Graphics, Stop Motion; plus more.

A selection of side-events will also feature for those with SP tickets, or equally just admirers of art.

Curvy: Produced by YEN magazine and comprised of a limited edition book and national event tour, CURVY is dedicated to a new generation of outstanding female creative talent.

1000 Cans: Inspired by the Japanese story of Sadako Sasaki and the 1000 paper cranes, 1000 Cans is set to be a brilliant debut exhibition for the Japanese-born Melbourne based artist Hiroyasu Tsuri, locally known as Two. Since May 2006, Two has painted recycled spray paint cans and turned them into not only a diary of his life but 1000 separate works of art.

Kids Today: An International line up of today’s young contemporary artists making an impact locally and abroad.

Semi-Permanent 2008
4-5 April, Bayside Auditorium, Darling Harbour

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