5 things we’ve learned trying My Muscle Chef’s new menu

Just because you’re time-poor, doesn’t mean you’ve left your taste at the door. And just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you want your body to take a beating. Enter My Muscle Chef. We’ve been giving their high protein ready-made meals a try and have 5 things to report back.

  1. Mix it up

Heating up your meals breakfast, lunch and dinner sometimes gets you down. So the brand new high protein salad range from My Muscle Chef strikes the right balance. Simply whip off the wrapper, mix in the dressing and you’re good to go. The Greek Chicken Salad comes with crispy chickpeas ‘croutons’ that you can sprinkle in for the perfect amount of crunch. For a midweek pick me up, we’re all about the Mexican Bean Salad, packed with quinoa, black beans and corn kernels. There are six new salads to choose from, so goodbye sad ‘whatever-is-in-the-cupboard’ lunches!

2. Shake it baby

Not all shakes are created equal, especially protein shakes. My Muscle Chef has three new plant-based smoothies. We fought over the Mixed Berry, but Choc Hazelnut and Banana Super Greens hit the spot too. All the smoothies are made on almond milk and pack a punch with 20g of plant-based protein.

3. Lasagne life goals

Let’s face it, until now lasagne might have been off the menu if you’re clean eating. But what’s life without lasagne? A sad life indeed. The good news is the My Muscle Chef’s lasagne stand out amongst the meals for being really, really good. There’s a classic beef lasagne that doesn’t skimp on cheese or the red wine tomato sauce, and a vegetable lasagne that’s packed full of veggies and has a cashew sauce that’s there for you in a big way. Next time you’re stocking up on meals, add a few lasagne dishes and pop them in the freezer to pull out on a rainy day. You’ll thank yourself later.

4. Snack time sorted

Brand new to the My Muscle Chef range, the jumbo Protein Muffins already have a dedicated fan base. We are talking jumbo-sized, 16g protein pieces of goodness. Also new are handy one serve size packets of Fava Beans. Roasted and available in flavours like salt and vinegar, they hit the crunch factor just right.

5. Cookie monsters unite

It’s 3pm and the afternoon munchies have set in. Put down the chocolate bar and pick up one of these jumbo protein cookies instead. We’ve got a soft spot for the Salted Caramel Macadamia cookie, but the Triple Choc is decadent enough for afternoon tea or dessert.

Need to rejig your diet? Looking to make life easier? Or just want a bit more flavour in your life? My Muscle Chef has a little something for everyone.

My Muscle Chef

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