Ride to Survive? A novice’s ride in a Grand Prix F1 McLaren x Jack Daniels

They say don’t drink and drive but some combinations defy those laws. McLaren and Jack Daniels got together to offer ‘Jack’s rides’ to regular humans. This is a chance for me to have my own Drive to Survive moment.

I have been invited to ride around Melbourne in the front seat of an F1 Mclaren, as part of  Jack Daniels Grand Prix promotion. For Grand Prix fans, this is a life altering moment, but for me, mmmmm so so – that was until my glossy spaceship rocked up, handsome, sleek and supercool. Instantly, I realise this ‘Batmobile’ type vehicle is worthy of its accolades (and circa it’s up to $4m price tag).

Getting in, luckily I am not too tall, as I’m as close to the ground as an ant. I slide my way into this sophisticated beast, I can’t help but glimmer with excitement. When the door (if you can call it that) closes, and I’m in the seat, it’s a bit fun. I hear the heart palpitating ‘vroooom’ of the engine taking off, frighteningly fast yet still comfortably stable, and the thrill of inertia throws me into my seat, I realise why these cars have so much appeal.

I floor through the city proudly, as everyone and anyone stares at me, as the furiously fast glider smoothly sinks its way across the Melbourne CBD. And as the car revs up, the km/p keep dialling and those vibrating sounds shake my insides, I can’t help but notice a large cheesy open teeth smile forming – an instant uncontainable natural reaction. When the car eventually does slow down, my open mouth stays, and even an after a graceful stationary exit from the robotic door, that gleefully bliss grin remains implanted on my face for several hours later.

For car fans, Supercars are simply friggin awesome. Sign me up for the next one.

Jack Daniels sponsored “Jack’s rides” a unique car riding experience in honour of the Melbourne Grand Prix which took place in Melbourne from 22- 24 March 2024. See their special ‘drop’ celebrating the partnership

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Coming from an Israeli background, and being fortunate to live and travel abroad in the Middle East and Europe for several years, Darielle has been a passionate foodie with since birth. She has an inherent love and knowledge of the hospitality industry, visited over 200 cellar doors worldwide and was the chief Melbourne judge at an international Resturant guide. With a corporate profession working as a lawyer in banking for 11 years, Darielle developed a love of writing. A busy mum of 2 little girls and a woman about town, if you don’t find Darielle out on a run, a gym class or hiking to the top of a mountain somewhere outlandish, she will no doubt be visiting a winery with her partner, sampling food at the newest Resturant, or cooking up a storm in her kitchen.