Local love at Lot. One Potts Point

Lot. One is a little like a relationship.
It started out as a passionate love affair, with a pricey fling with the John Solomon Building on York St. There were high hopes, with a multi million dollar fit out, a high profile chef; if this has been a celebrity couple there would already be a nickname. Like many celeb pairings, it fizzled out rather quickly, but all was not lost. Lot One re-homed to Potts Point, led mainly by the team who managed the original venue. It’s clear their passion never once dimmed.

Now, about a year later, Lot. One has gone the distance and morphed into something different. It’s as far from a fling as you can get. They’ve gone steady with their community, snuggling into a side street of Potts Point, getting cosy with the locals in the spot that used to be Missy French. The scale is much smaller, a large, square shaped room with the kitchen pass at the back, the bar off to the side, beautiful tiles, filament lamps and antique cocktail trolleys making the space feel warm and cosy.

Gone is any hint of pretension, although there’s plenty of pride in what’s being produced. These days the menu is still Italian in influence, drawing on the northern region in particular, but there’s also plenty of dishes inspired by local produce. So start off with moreish hazelnut truffle arancini, more evenly flavoured than many on menus around town, before moving on to kangaroo tataki paired with native pepper, berries and sage. There’s quail lollipops, pate, even oysters. Pair your starters with a cocktail or two – the mixologists are doing some fun stuff, think gin infused with lavender on site for the ‘My Beautiful’ and a unique lemon meringue-topped Old Fashioned.

On to mains, the deboned half duck is a local favourite, slow roasted and served with macadamias and snow pea tendrils. Meat on the lamb shanks fall off the bone, and go down a treat with thrice cooked potatoes – both have a hearty dose of baked garlic so make sure your entire dinner party goes all in! A very reasonably priced Malbec seals the deal.

When it comes to dessert, the crew are pretty excited to tell you all about the ‘Life is a box of chocolates’ and we understand why. Simply listed as ‘Sweet’, all you need to do is choose between Ferrero Rocher, Snickers, Bounty and Turkish Delight, and be prepared for a serious sweet fix. The Snickers is a crowd favourite – like a giant peanut brittle, chocolate and nougat sandwich, drizzled in caramel and chocolate, it is epic. From the first crack you make with your spoon, to the final scrapes. Every good relationship involves sharing, and the good news is you won’t be able to finish this on your own.

Lot. One is gearing up for its one year anniversary and we think they’ll go the distance.

Lot. One
22 Rockwall Cres, Potts Point

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Lisa used to use Sydney as a base to drop off souvenirs before heading off on the next adventure but these days she’s got her feet almost on the ground, with a desire to try every high tea in Sydney, and a cute cavoodle puppy at home. Travel writer, photographer and Kitchen Aid freak, she loves to eat, bake and write.


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