Lobo loco

loboHEROSugar plantation barons knew a thing or two about getting loose. Steamy climates, steel drum rhythms, samba, rumba and salsa all before breakfast.

Julio Lobo was the Caribbean’s last sultan of saccharine and he shook things up with Cuban rum from the 1930’s – 1960’s. He built two casinos, dated Hollywood glamazons, championed worker’s rights and fled from Castro with just a small suitcase full of what else but rum.

Sydney’s latest basement ballroom is a testament to his legendary life. Think excess, excess and more excess. Shiny, pretty ladies and drinks with names you want to marry (by dawn, it will be another matter but it’s so far away).

Esther Williams, for example. She tastes like Matusalem Platino rum from the Dominican Republic, elderflower cordial, Cuilleron Roussanne VDP nad orange bitters. You’ve got to watch out for her though; she has a lemon twist so she’s not all sweet intoxication. Julio filled his swimming pool with perfume for this lady so consider yourself warned. Madness may ensue.

The Lobo Plantation
Monday – Saturday 4pm – 1am
T: 0437 233 009
Basement Lot 1, 209  Clarence St, Sydney

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