Know a new mum who loves getting out and about?

babyIt’s Global Breastfeeding Week and we’re lending our support behind it. Having a bit of knowledge and a few tips up your sleeve can help in particular a new mum breastfeed with confidence on the go and reduce any stress associated with those hurdles that you can sometimes face when out in public.

We sat down with Katie James, Medela Australia’s Lactation Consultant for her top 5 tips for the out and about mama:

  1. Know Your Rights: Whether you’re at home, or on the road, there’s no need to feelapologetic about breastfeeding. In Australia, you have the right to breastfeed your baby anytime, anywhere. In Australia, the federal Sex Discrimination Act 1984 states that it is illegal in Australia to discriminate against a person either directly or indirectly on the grounds of breastfeeding.
  2. Find Quiet Places: Most babies will breastfeed anywhere. They really don’t care whether youare at home or in public. But if your baby prefers a quieter place, or if you just want peace and quiet yourself, a little planning will go a long way. For example, you could check out where the nursing rooms are at the local shopping centre, find a quiet and comfortable spot in the park or ask a friend if you could use another room at their house while at a social gathering.
  3. If you’re still getting comfortable with breastfeeding away from home, buy a T-shirt that makes feeding easier. Or, consider wearing layers with an easy-to-remove top and a tank top underneath. You may also want to consider the Medela Ultra Stretch Nursing Bra which is a comfortable, stylish and quality breastfeeding bra. Some mums also like to take a muslin wrap they can gently place over bub and themselves for added privacy particularly while they are still getting used to getting baby to latch on.
  4. Staying hydrated is even more important when you’re breastfeeding, so drink lots of water to quench your thirst, especially if flying. Remember to pack a large water bottle and fill it up with the goal of finishing it before you are back home.
  5. Many women find that traveling with a breast pump is a lifesaver. With the right pump, you can collect milk ahead of time and have it ready in a bottle when you need it. Some Breastpumps for example the Medela Freestyle breastpump has a rechargeable battery making it useful to travel with and extremely portable. If you are travelling with breastmilk. Be sure to bring a cooler or insulated bag with you to store your breast milk.Most importantly though, Breastfeeding can be a natural, easy and fun part of your travelling experience. Many mums find that it’s empowering and invigorating to be able to take their baby out and about while breastfeeding. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! You don’t have to do everything yourself. Let the other members of your family get involved. You might even find that, as a breastfeeding mum, you get more pampering and attention than usual!

As avid supporters to the cancer fight, Medela will donate $10 from the sale of every electric Breast Pump at Baby Bunting stores from the 6th – 19th of August 2018 to the McGrath Foundation, to support further research, and those battling the disease in Australia.

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