Dylan Alcott knocks it out the ball park with Able Foods new range

We have all been in a fight with food. A wrestle with a packet we cant tear, pull or open. The broken nails, cuts and scars from ‘easy open’ cans where you can’t even get your finger under a ring pull so rigid it would need help from The Terminator!

pumpkin and kale risotto

Dylan Alcott has a special place in Aussies hearts. Olympic Australian wheelchair basketballer, wheelchair tennis player (Australian Open winner!), tv, radio host and motivational speaker and also food entrepreneur. His new achievement is launching a profit for purpose business creating ready made meals for people with disability on NDIS.

Following its launch in 2020 they have gone from strength to strength, hiring people with disability and partnering with likeminded companies such as The Dylan Alcott Foundation.  

We got to taste test a number of the ready meals. Arriving in a white and red branded ‘Ablefoods’ box a few minutes in the microwave and we have a feast!. First up was the chicken parmigiana with green beans and sweet potato. The nice big thick parmy is generously topped with tomato and cheese. A baked broccoli chicken pasta has lots of veggies and big pieces of chicken, a little bit more sauce would have been welcome. Best of the bunch is the risotto which is a cracker, lots of creamy pumpkin and a veggie hit of kale. No gloopy, stodginess here.

Dylan has taken it one step further with an innovative new range of baked beans, but not as you know it -in easy to rip pouches! The range has four flavours; Tomato, Chilli, Cheese and BBQ and can only be found at Coles. Forget your can opener, you can take these little packets anywhere – the office, gym or simply a cruisy BBQ. Our fav was definitely the cheese & baked beans, the best of everything especially on a steaming baked potatoe.

Dylan showing off the new range of accessible baked beans.

So get your pouches now. Out with the tins and in with better packaging, easy on the eye, the wrists and its food that does good in many ways.

Check out more at ablefoods.com.au 
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