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Hurrah for summer, finally we get get outside and enjoy some sunshine with our fur babies. Today we take a few of the beds from the Snooza range for a spin, or rather a snooze. There are so many beds to choose from, flea proof, raised, chew proof. In this review we look at two different beds but first meet our bed testers:

Meet the Dog Bed Testers….

First of all let’s introduce you to our Doggie Bed Testers:
Maggie the Retired Greyhound Aged 5: I go by many names Magster, Mad Max Maggie, Maggie-Moo!! I am not very girly. I am bold, have strong opinions on everything and like to share them constantly. Some call me chatty, which is unusual as most greys don’t talk. I am intense about life in every way. I am very loving and endearingly vulnerable. Love cheese and chasing cats.
Rigby the Chocolate Lab Aged 1: My names are Rigadigadoo, Rigadigabee, Poops, Bum-Bum, Cutey-Patooty, Baby-wabey and anything else my ridiculous mother feels like calling me. I am cute as a button, excitable and I think every day is something to be celebrated – as exemplified by my jumping on my mum every morning with a wagging tail and lots kisses. She says “stop and no” but I know she secretly loves all 30kgs of me on her belly as a wake up call. I love everyone and everything.

Snooza Original Dog Bed – Raised Bed

Maggie: Woof Woof! Snooza have a so many dog beds it was really hard to chose the pawfect one. My owners originally bought me a raised bed similar to the Water Resistant or Flea Free, but it was really slippery. I used it as a running machine and opportunity to keep my nails smooth by scratching at it until a hole appeared (I love digging holes, then doing zoomies) and I needed a new one. I didn’t spend time in our garden as there was no where I could lie down.

The Original Dog Bed or ODB has been tested by other pooches since 1989. Having run at Australian race tracks I want to support Australian businesses and it’s made at their Bayside factory. The steel tubing is galvanised so I don’t have to put up with any rust – ever!  Oh! and a 20 yr guarantee too. 

When I first stepped onto my bed I wasnt sure, I had a good sniff first. It was like sleeping on a hession sack as its made from Jute. Woah! My nails didn’t slip on the surface, it was cool and smelled like the earth. It felt lke home, but given how skinny I am, I do like a bit of plush cushioning for a 5 star rating. 

Nap time improved big time with the addition of a Snooza pet futon. It’s like big pillow I can lie on. The cotton covers are so cooling, it’s super comfy and once I am on it, I don’t want to leave. My owners even went indoors after they cooked a BBQ and normally I follow to check on their behaviour but I was soooo comfy I just slept until it was dark and had to come in!

Maggie is addicted to: The sturdy structure, non slippery surface, it’s cool and all the better with a topper futon which I lurve! A paw-five for  sustainability as I can get a new jute cover can be hand sewn on at home which is a bit tricky with my paws. $99.90 Sizes S,M,L,XL

Ultra Tuff Lounger

Maggie: Well I know this bed was bound for my friend Rigby but I couldn’t help myself when it arrived at our house. We got the XL which is enormous. It’s very puffy so it felt a bit unstable on my lovely long legs, so it was a bit hard to move around and get comfy. I am not very keen on this tuff fabric as it makes a lot of noise, I can’t chew it and scares my sister greyhound Georgia who gets spooked by a carrot dropping on the floor. Once I was down, it was pretty comfy.
Maggie’s addicted to: It’s size and it won’t get wet ouside as its waterproof.

Rigby: I was raised sleeping on my parents’ bed. They tried to keep me in a crate but I cried and cried – I didn’t like it. They felt bad for my cute baby self and so, against all wisdom and dog training advice, they removed me from the crate and had me in their bed. I’ve slept on their heads ever since.

When the Tuff Lounger arrived I wondered what they were up to. They wanted me to sleep on it, instead of their heads. No way. I am not having that. I saw straight through their thin plan. When it was at the bottom of their bed I barked and barked until they let me sleep in their beds again. But I secretly found the bed very comfortable because every time I lay on it I did get a bit drowsy.

My mum wants me to use it and worries about my hips as I’m probably going to have hip dysplasia due to my size. Better to protect them now, she’s always saying.

The Snooza Ultra Tuff Lounger

So after a few barking tantrums from me they put the bed in the lounge room, and will move it around the house wherever they are so I can rest alongside them. I like the idea of a portable dog bed, so the house isn’t full of beds for me – but I can always be where they are – be it inside or outside.

At first I thought I could destroy the bed (I’ve destroyed two others so that I can sleep in the big bed every night), but I can’t destroy this one. I have to say, I love it. I can’t dig it – but I try. I can’t chew it, but I try. The fabric is tough and feels like a tightly woven canvas – so it’s not soft and fluffy – but not rough either. It’s just practical. In fact it’s been cleaned already after I walked on it with muddy paws carrying a muddy stick I found in the garden (I have to say mum was pretty ungrateful at how clever I was that day by walking to my Tuff Lounger day-bed directly after digging).

The XL size is great for me, because i’m a big girl, but the extra space is also good for my mum to lie with me sometimes so we can snuggle. The cushion is high so even with her weight (and she weighs a lot more than me) we don’t sink to the floor. I roll on my back sometimes and wiggle my body- it’s comfy. I do like it – I sleep on it during the day – just don’t tell my mum.

Rigby is addicted to: Big is beautiful, that’s me and my bed. I like it’s looking after my curvy figure and my long term hip health with lots of support though I still prefer sleeping on mum’s head. $229.90 M,L,XL

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