Ivory & Deene: A Blend of Luxury and Comfort for the Modern Home at affordable prices

Ivory & Deene: A Blend of Luxury and Comfort for the Modern Home at affordable prices.

In the ongoing quest for a perfect home that brings style and comfort together, Ivory & Deene our very own Tasmanian homeware brand is a beacon of sophistication.

With over a decade of expertise, this family-grown business has mastered the art of blending affordable luxury with the warmth of home, creating a range of homewares and furniture suitable for every home. The range is smaller than a major department store, but that’s because every element has been significantly thought through.

Bean bags: comfort and style

The hallmark of Ivory & Deene’s Bean Bags is their commitment to providing an oasis of relaxation without compromising on style. These bean bags are meticulously handcrafted. Great for casual rooms, corners that can store kind-of-clean-not-yet-dirty clothes and to use when family comes to stay!

This unique range of attractive bean bags (it IS possible it seems) includes shaggy cream furs, vibrant colours, and elegant designs, each crafted to cater to a diverse range of personal styles.

Sink yourself into a cloud of tranquillity and enjoy the plush comfort and support. Whether it’s reading a book, enjoying a movie, or simply unwinding, these bean bags transform the experience into something more indulgent.

Pendant lights: illuminating spaces with elegance

Ivory & Deene’s lights takes a step beyond functionality, their pendant lights are not just sources of light but focal points that enhance the overall ambiance of a room.

The collection is a fusion of classic and contemporary designs, each piece elegant yet also a powerful statement. These are crafted to be durable and efficient. They provide an even distribution of light, creating an inviting and warm atmosphere in any room. The quality of materials ensures that these lights are not just beautiful but also long-lasting, making them a wise investment for any homeowner.

Bedding: comfort for rolling in the deep

Their bedding collection is equally impressive, featuring a range of comfortable and stylish options. From bamboo bedding known for its amazing qualities to microfibre, satin, and velvet bedding, there’s a variety of materials to choose from. They also offer blankets and throws, quilt covers, sheet sets, and pillowcases, ensuring that you have everything you need to create a cozy and inviting bedroom space.

For those looking to enhance their living spaces with decorative items, Ivory & Deene’s home décor range includes wall clocks, vases, and various decorative décor items. These pieces are perfect for adding a personal touch to your living spaces, whether you’re looking for something minimalist or more eye-catching.

The vase collection, in particular, is minimalist, with the ability to style together for a maximalist feel (oxymoron..?). These are made to layer in clusters and are simple yet stunning. All available in white, sage, grey and terracotta and made from ceramics, there is the right shape for every space. I never actually put flowers in my vases, but use them to build layers and interest.

This is something Ivory & Deene do well, showcase how to style a space with products for layering and building modern aesthetics.

For those looking to infuse their homes with elements of elegance, comfort, and style, Ivory & Deene offers an alluring selection. Whether it’s through the plush embrace of their bean bags or the sophisticated glow of their pendant lights, or the highest quality sheets, or stylish vases, Ivory & Deene ensures that every product contributes to making a house feel more like a home. In essence, this Tasmanian brand is not just selling homeware; it’s offering an experience – one where luxury is accessible, and every space is a potential canvas for creating lasting, quality design.

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