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Double Fried French Fries; Guy Fieri

Ohhh you gorgeous thing you! You smell delicious with your golden glow and every time I see you I want you … With more reinventions than Lady Gaga, Sydney’s fries have some mighty fine costume changes. It’s not enough to simply be fried and salted, and in our latest guide we bring you the ‘hottest’ action in town.

Zucchini Fries @ Firefly – Lovingly made by the team on a manual cutter, they are salted, dried, dusted with a secret mix and flash fried in fresher than fresh cottonseed oil. These z’atar tossed sticks of delight are addictive, they get through 5 tons a year! (Available at FF, Neutral Bay & Lane Cove)

‘Proper’ English Chips @ Montpellier – English householder’s know that to make great chips you need dripping, it’s the essential ingredient for yorkie puds too. Cardiologists will faint, you will might (with delight) with one bite of these hand cut cuties and rich béarnaise dipping sauce.

Polenta Chips @ Bloodwood – Boiled cornmeal might not make you prance with happiness, but when its shaped, deep fried, salted and arrives in a tumble of golden planks the gorgonzola dipping sauce will have you waving down the waiter for more. (sorry, ‘The Forresters’ you come a close second!)

Chunky Chips @ 360 Bar – Maybe it’s the altitude or the views? But a bowl of piping hot potato with non-perfect crisped edges dusted in rosemary salt and dipped in harissa aioli is the perfect perching food for those cocktail moments.

Kumara Fries @ Burger Fuel – These NZ boys bring over 2 shipment containers twice year. These special Mr ‘chups’ are a rare breed not found in Australia. Once fried they deliver a sultry chewy, savoury flavour with a mottled burnt orange jackets and cream centre which is perfect with the homemade pepper aioli.

Parmesan & Truffle Chips @ Charlie and Co – A double fried chip is a thing of beauty. A 50:50 split of beef dripping and canola oil delivers a crunch factor which lasts to final morsel. Lightly infused with truffle oil and a scattering of fresh parmesan on top these are the ultimate cheesy fries.

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