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Whilst your appetite for the clickable grows with fervour, there’ll always be a soft place in your creative consumption tank for glossies and print.

Self-confessed magazineologists habitually draw on Selectair. Here’s where you’ll find inspired reading and create the stack to be seen on your coffee table. 

Ask Managing Director Derek Cohen which titles he wouldn’t live without and he’ll list LulaA Magazine Curated By, and Apartamento. For twelve years now, he’s sourced titles worldwide, from Scandinavia to Singapore, ranging cool independents to obscure and popular specialty publications. 

Premium titles like Show Details (the latest from European catwalks) and Fashion Trend (for the fashion gripped).  Selvedge (for upmarket textiles and craft) and Lüerzer’s Archive (the Art Director’s preferred periodical).

Closer to home there’s SummerWinter and doingbird doing us proud. If keen for out-of-the-ordinary musing opt for Kasino A4 (The Most Melancholy Magazine), or Peeping Tom (a new chain letter photographic magazine just released from Berlin).

Selectair’s latest exclusive is Stash DVD Magazine from Canada. Packed with VFX Motion graphics for design and advertising, their best of 2008 reel will keep you coming back for more.

More than 700 titles and a plethora of meaningful pages to flick through.

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