Foodie apps to guide your next fix

You know well that there is nothing quite so dispiriting for a food obsessive than a bad coffee, an overpriced meal or a weird wine.

If you spend your days thinking about the next thing you’re going to put in your mouth, download these apps for surefire taste satisfaction:

Melbourne Coffee Review – free
Long is the day that begins with a dodgy cup of Joe. This app will point you in the right direction so you will never have to weep the bitter tears of the under-caffeinated.

Toby’s Estate iPhone app – free
Are you in love with a tall, dark man named Toby? If so, this is the app for you. It will direct you to cafes that serve Toby’s Estate so you and your man-crush can hook up every morning, no matter where he is.

Beer and wine
Wine Companion 2011 Edition by James Halliday – $9.99
If you love Toby in the morning, you’re going to love James after midday. He will make you look good when you’re peering at a wine list in total confusion by sharing his 55,000 tasting notes with you.

The Wine Regions of Victoria – free
The perfect tool for any grape loving tourist, this app will point you in the direction of the nearest cellar door anywhere in Victoria. Hint, hint, Tourism NSW…

Cascade Brewer’s Nose –free
Beer has become boutique and a little bit more fancy. Don’t look like a bogan when you’re attempting to impress the beer drinker of your dreams. Scan the barcode for access to detailed information on over 500 beers.

Mymarkets Vic –free
Possibly the most awesome app ever invented for market snobs. This little app will give you the dates, locations and lowdown on what you will find at every foodie market in Victoria.

Melbourne Foodie Guide / Sydney Foodie guide – $4.99
Unlock the secrets of these two major dining destinations with this pocket rocket of an app. Time to upgrade from the beta print that has been giving the hungry readers of The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald happiness for many years.

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