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Travel opens up your mind (and stomach) to a world of possibilities far beyond the contents of the average fridge. Rats in Vietnam, guinea pigs in Peru and Iguanas in Mexico; no creature is safe from the imagination of a peckish local chef.

If chowing down on a menagerie is off the agenda, fear not; there’s plenty of ways to expand your culinary horizons without an ominous ‘Feathers, Furs or Fins’ soundtrack.

Television presenter extraordinaire Maeve O’Meara of SBS Food Lovers’ Guide to Australia and Food Safari fame is the Director of Gourmet Safaris, a culinary travel business that runs tours in Sydney and around the world.

The Greek Walking Tour of Marrickville kicks off with a coffee and some freshly baked biscuits. You then venture via a butcher, bread shop and feta and olive merchant before concluding in a Greek feast.

The French Safari on Wheels will see you ushered through the hallowed halls of cheese, pate and chocolate vaults.  A spin around a patisserie and unique cooking utensil shop is next, making your last stop a two-course meal.

Put on your stretchy pants and eat your way through a day of discovery.

Gourmet Safaris
T: (02) 9960 5675
$95 – $125

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