the seafood diet

Hooked like we are on the seafood diet? No fuss and friendly, when you see food, eat it. And if that food is from the ocean, fresh is best.

You can’t get any fresher than the Sydney Seafood Market. To get a different view – one usually reserved for fish mongers, providores and restaurateurs – take a guided tour of the market’s wholesale auctions. You’ll get a chance to see boxes of crimson snapper, a rare moon fish, the big seller blue swimmer crabs, and dozens of the finest sashimi-quality salmon laid out on ice.

About 100 different species of fish and crustaceans make their way each day from boat to your table. Albeit at an unnatural hour (6.50am), you get privileged access to the busy auction floor to learn about the Dutch auction system. Originating in Holland’s flower markets to sell delicate tulips quickly, bids start from the highest price and work downwards. Roll up your pants and consider throwing on some designer gumboots, otherwise you could end up wearing Eau de Poisson.

The experts share inside knowledge on how to choose the best produce, with selection tips including, “If it doesn’t smell nice and look attractive, keep away from it.” Pretty sure we’re still talking about seafood…

Now you’ve got the raw ingredients, make it count. Sydney Seafood School shows you how to impress, with top chefs including Christine Manfield, Matthew Moran and Guillaume Brahimi teaching classes.

Thankfully for your stomach, there are plenty more fish in the ocean.

 Sydney Fish Market

Bank Street, Pyrmont 2009. One ½ hour Behind-the-Scenes Tours are held every Monday and Thursday 6.50am, $20.
Bookings (02) 9004 1143


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