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Please, no more appointments. You have them during work days and lunches; with bosses, clients, doctors and dentists. Making another one with a beautician is not high on the priority list.

With your spare (and rare) 15 minutes, just walk in to Benefit’s new Paddington-based Boutique. No appointment necessary. 

Founded by San Franciscan twin sisters Jean and Jane Ford, Benefit is known across the globe for its quirky titled, simple-to-use, beauty fake-its and fix-its. In this, their 20th (but first Australian) boutique, you’ll find a team of professional and fun-loving aestheticians, zealous about mini-makeovers, beautifully-shaped brows, smoother legs and lush-looking lashes.

Drop in for cult products Bad Gal Lash (one tube of this mascara is sold every minute) and Benetint – a must have cheek blush and lip tint. Our hot picks are a bronzing tube with attitude Talk to the Tan and Erase Paste, a brightening concealer that has undergone some serious camouflage training.

Every woman needs some time-out with her sisters – to gossip, play with the latest beauty products and get pampered. Benefit’s two-floored, custom-made whimsical girl’s locker club opens its doors today. 

Benefit Boutique
94 Oxford Street, Paddington 2021
T: (02) 8353 5000

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