no bingo? bite me

Open two doors 44, clicketty click 66…flipping premium burgers is not the only thing you’ll get at Bite Me Burger Bondi on Thursday evenings.

Miss Penny Tration is now host to bingo nights once a week, keeping adult diners entertained with an impressive set of bingo quips. Not quite the same as last year’s bingo commissioner Tanny, but just as infamous (Miss Tration is a seven-foot drag queen) and blessed with rapid-fire acidic wit.   

Three games are played during the evening, with prizes for all bingo hollers. You can join in for just one, but count on all three, as playing – just like Bite Me’s wagyu truffle burger – tends to be addictive (just ask the same die-hard bingo fans that frequent five tables each game night).

No bingo? At least you can console yourself with one of Pat and Stick’s gourmet ice cream sandwich. Or two.

Bondi Bite Me Burger
106 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach, (02) 9300 6566
Monday-Friday noon-late, Saturday-Sunday 9.30am-late.
Bite me Bingo, every Thursday, 7.30pm for 8pm start. Free to play as long as you have ordered food.

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