NOMI Furniture leaves it up to you


Have you ever had that thought that your dining table would be perfect if you could only change it? Just a bit? Well, for those of you design inclined, NOMI is here to help.

This online furniture store allows customisation of size, shape, and colour. Obviously the designs have to start somewhere, and they start with Tomek Archer, the award-winning designer who keeps simplicity and clean lines at the heart of all the designs. Foundered by Michael Grassi and Henry GressonHand they assure that each piece you buy is crafted right here in Melbourne. 

The online store works for you. Pick a design from the range of nine starting points, choose your size, choose the colour, choose the specifications. A dining table can be changed to seat more or less people, and a chair can be made half red, half brown. Or perhaps you’re after a shelving unit? Each layer can be added or removed, each section of shelving can be a different colour. A bright blue one for the kid’s room, and a subtle wood finish for the lounge room? All done with a click.

Each piece is made with American Oak and compact laminate and can be put together with ease. Go click and get crafting. 


NOMI Furniture  


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