Currently ADDICTED to: 5th March

Just a few of our current ADDICTIONS around the Daily Addict office …

Tom Ford lavender palm
because everything Tom touches is *deliriously sexy*

reminds me (Carrie) of my wedding colour palette
it’s Alliance Francaise French Film Festival month and this label is as French as we can be sans passport. ps. Delicacy starring Audrey Tatou is a beautiful film, must watch.

Soy Chai Lattes
keeping us warm and fuzzy during the summer that was not. 
Baristas take note- we’re predicting these orders will be on the rise over the next few months!

every episode leaves us on the edge of our seats hanging for more. Who will she take revenge out on next?

Little bites muffins
choc fudge brownies that guarantee ‘to satisfy little hungers’. What more do we need to say!

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